Expansion / Movement Joint System

Expansion / Movement Joint System

Expansion / Separation Joint System :

To relive the movement and stress in structure due to movement or to absorb the vibrations caused due to earthquake or any other natural calamities including moisture, expansion joints are used

When structures are complexed with each other separation joints lets the other structure to evade from collision and assist each structure to behave independently. The exterior joints in the middle of two structures should be sufficient with elastic & weather proof materials.

To accommodate differences in lateral motion between the two structures joints must be wide enough, that’s is why we provide any Size of joint which can be sealed, executed width up to 500mm till now.

We offer :

  • Sealing of expansion / movement  joint using highly elastic membrane / profile system.

(Any Size of joint can be sealed, executed width up to 500mm till now)

  • Polyurethane / polysulphide  Sealants for expansion & control Joint system.
  • Pre moulded profiles for permanent sealing of  joints.
  • Fire barrier and flexible joint sealing.
  • Excellent performance under high water pressure.
  • Applicable to different profiles and building materials.
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