Injection Grouting System

Injection Grouting System

Injection Grouting :

The material that is permeated and set coarsened according to the shape of void or crack, honeycomb, straight into the concrete, masonry, timber, soil-sand form or other structural and non structural members under suitable gravitational enforcement and Mechanical pressure to enhance or to change the physical character.

General objectives of injection grouting :

  • To correct faults in concrete and masonry structure.
  • To format a within structural element and provide reinforcement and decrease the flow to water from inside.
  • To improve integrity of wooden fiber.
  • To increase mechanical properties of geo material (soil and rock).

We offer :

  • Sealing of construction joints, holes, openings , honeycomb within the matrix to structural members.
  • Increment of mechanical values of structural elements using high strength injection grouts.
  • Water proofing of structures from negative side , specially in case of water leakage in basement & lift pit areas.
  • Waterproofing of mass water retaining structure like dam , canal, viaduct and syphon etc.
  • Increment in soil load bearing capacity using specialised grouting materials.
  • Correction of floor alignment / settlement due to settlement of sub base or low bearing capacity of soil using floor upliftment technique.

Materials :

  • Cement slurry admixed with non shrink additive.
  • Micro cement slurry admixed with specialised polymer additive.
  • High strength epoxy based resin system having various pot life, strength parameters, surface tension, viscosity , density , molecule size etc.
  • High strength moisture insensitive / under water epoxy resin system with variable parameters.
  • High strength structural grade , moisture insensitive polyurethane grout.
  • Water swellable polyurethane foam system for temporary sealing of running water.
  • Water reactive polyurethane resin system for permanent flexible sealing of water leakage.
  • Water reactive acrylic gel system to integrate soil behind the structural element , specially in case of curtain grouting system for permanent sealing of water leakage.
  • Moisture insensitive polyurethane grout having excellent strength parameters for structural strengthening system.
  • High strength polyurethane grout for soil stabilisation, consolidation and floor upliftment.
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