Water Proofing System

Water Proofing System

Water Proofing System :

The structure which is water-resistant, by using such steps to make sure that the entrance of water is impossible with the help of such solutions is called waterproofing. The strength and the toughness of concrete covering in a building.is conserved by the help of water proofing. 

 Services we offer : 

  • Water proofing system using – Polymer bound cement slurry / Polyurethane system.
  • Bituminous Membrane System. (Torch applied / self adhesive)
  • Water sellable polyurethane resin grouping for instant online leakage arresting system.
  • EPDM based water proofing system (Loosely laid / Fully adhered).
  • Water repellent system for RCC & Brick masonry.

Area of application :

  • Terrace.
  • Sunken area.
  • Water retaining structure.
  • Podium slab.
  • Balcony.
  • Garden developed over RCC slab.
  • Planter.
  • Basement.
  • Chemical plants.
  • Stone cladding.
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